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How would you promote a blog to online marketers?

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I have 2 blogs, one on online marketing training and another on home based business and affiliate marketing. My question is designed to learn new tactics and see the most popular styles of marketing among potential readers for tailoring future post.
asked Oct 17, 2016 in Internet Marketing Tools by YumaBloggers IBO Specialist (12,430 points)

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Well when I write a blog post, I post it in as many places as possible.  First I start with Twitter, IBO, Google+, Pinterest usually putting on my Marketing board and then on my Facebook Business page. Later in the day I'll publish it again on Twitter to get it in front of different eyes. Hope this helps answer your question!
answered Oct 17, 2016 by Seashell IBO Master (5,230 points)
selected Oct 20, 2016 by YumaBloggers
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I’m a firm believer that every business should have a blog. After working with hundreds of businesses of all types and sizes, I’ve learned that blogging is the single most effective way to consistently drive traffic for free.

That’s because good blog content can drive traffic from search engines, social shares, and referrals from other websites.

1. Share on Social Media

Every time you publish a new blog post, make sure you share it on social media—whether on your personal or business accounts. If you don’t already have a community on social media, it’s time to start growing one. Don’t just share your content once. You can continue sharing it in the future, whether it’s every few weeks or every few months.

2. Build an Email List

Hopefully, you’re already building an email list on your website. If you only send emails to your list encouraging subscribers to buy something, they will eventually unsubscribe. Instead, keep adding value between sales pitches by sending them helpful or interesting blog posts. Not only will this get potential customers back to your website, but these people may also share your content on social media, expanding your reach.

3. Guest Post on Other Blogs

There’s another way you can tap into someone else’s audience. Publish a blog post right on their blog.Make sure to include a link or two back to your website.

4. Comment on Other Blogs

You can also use blog commenting to build relationships with other bloggers, and get in front of their audience. When you leave insightful or helpful blog comments, not only will the author notice, but other readers might notice too. And there’s a good chance they’ll click on the link to check out your website.

5. Participate in Forums

6. Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a place to ask and answer questions. There are threads on pretty much everything, and you can use include links in your answers. Search quora for topics related to your blog post. When possible, answer questions and include a link back to your blog post for more in-depth advice. Many of these threads will get viewed for months or years to come.

7. Post on Reddit

 The key to success here is to make sure you’re starting an interesting or helpful discussion, not just dropping a link.

8. Be Active in Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook Groups

answered Oct 18, 2016 by ebest IBO Specialist (83,860 points)
Thanks a lot. This is very informative and will go a long way to help people out. I have learnt a lot already.
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What matters most in a blog post is to get it out there like crazy. Have it published in any and everywhere it can be easily found and read online. The more the exposure, the better for the blog and its effects. Social Media sites come in very handy to accord it quick viral effects if the blog is good and useful. Get started now and be sure to track your results. Goodluck!!!
answered Oct 18, 2016 by sdymanagers IBO Guru (2,020 points)
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We all have a blog or two to promote our products, services etc. My main two blogs are with Blogger and IBO. At both when I create A post, immediately I spread the word on all the social media channels. 

Plus there are other proven ways to get traffic to your blog. For more detailed information, read my press release " 5 Places To Promote Your Blog ". It might help you to achieve what you are looking for.  

Hope this would help you find what you are looking for

To your success

answered Dec 21, 2016 by iyengar IBO Master (8,340 points)

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