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How did I become member of the day @ IBOtoolbox?

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asked Oct 2, 2016 in IBO platform questions by ibosecurity (280 points)
recategorized Oct 3, 2016 by admin
The answer is very simple, “Participation”.

and...5-6 stars not dropping below 5, sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Real comments, enrolling others, running ads....!!!

3 Answers

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Maintaining 5 stars puts us in the running. One cannot be picked if they have been FMOTD within the last 45 days. The IBO software randomly picks someone from those eligible.
answered Oct 2, 2016 by TonyKoker (950 points)
selected Oct 2, 2016 by ibosecurity
Great answer Tony, I never really knew what the standards were but the stars make sense as I did see a brand new member (3 days) that was chosen and he had 6 stars,
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 Participation is key!  Be active!

 Plus as far as I can tell, all featured members 'like' and comment on my press releases =)

answered Jan 31, 2017 by ToddTreharne IBO Specialist (56,390 points)
edited May 9, 2017 by ToddTreharne
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Be active on the IBOtoolbox platform as much as possible daily and most importantly try to maintain your stars and in no time you too will receive this awesome honor as many have already acheived there
answered Mar 13, 2017 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)

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