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Have Facebook shut down your Ad account before? What were the reasons given?

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asked Oct 19, 2016 in Internet Marketing Tools by jcasia IBO Specialist (22,010 points)

1 Answer

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Our records indicate that your payments account was disabled due to suspected fraudulent activity. We will not reactivate your payments account. This decision is final.

Thanks for your understanding,


Bill, Bob, David, Matt, or another Generic Name.

Facebook Risk Management.


  • You will need to use another Facebook account or obtain another active account.
  • You will need to be VERY CAREFUL setting up this new account if you care about your long term access to Facebook ads.
  • You should not do anything on the list above in relation to this Facebook ads account including making ads for anything you tried to when your account got suspended.  Facebook flags pages and websites on accounts that get suspended.  If you try to make another account and try to promote the same thing, easy suspension.

How do you make a new account that will work with Facebook ads after your last one was disabled? This is simple :)

  1. If you ever made another Facebook account in the past, use that one.  Facebook likes older accounts a lot and gives them a LOT more leeway when it comes to screwing up.  If you do not have another account, you can ask your family or friends if they have an account you can use.  You might be surprised to find they have an extra one or don’t need one themselves.  You also can buy an account from a third party which is risky but might work if you have no friends, family, and you have already failed to create another account successfully.
  2. If you need to create a new account or have an account you can use, plan to make sure the billing information for that new account matches what you are going to use.  At a bare minimum, the billing zip code you give Facebook in the future should match that on your credit card.  Ideally, your name and birthday should match as well.  If you are using someone else’s account, you can get them an extra credit card on the account you want to use with Facebook ads.  This should be a new credit account completely from any you attempted to use in the past.
  3. After you have access to the account, you should use it WITHOUT MAKING ADS for a minimum of one week the way a normal user would.  If you really want to be on the safe side, I recommend at least one month.  I have used every account prior to making ads with it for at least six months.  This means logging on from the same location, posting content, adding at least 30 friends, looking at other people’s pages, and liking a few Facebook pages.  Facebook knows exactly how most people go about trying to create or use another account for ads.  You need to look like a normal user to their algorithms if you want to create a new account.
  4. Once you have established a normal pattern of use for your account, then you can attempt to make a Facebook ad.  You should be sure to use a credit card for billing that is different than what you used last time and make sure to promote a very safe thing for your first ad.  A page about dogs or a friend’s page that is already successfully running ads is a good idea.  Facebook will tolerate you trying to promote some things after you establish a pattern of successful advertising without disabling your account.  Start safe and ease your way back into having a successful ads account.
  5. With your account now working, be careful about what you make ads for.
answered Oct 19, 2016 by ebest IBO Specialist (82,620 points)

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