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Does anyone know a good app developer that is trustworthy?

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I am looking to have an app created, but I don't have a LOT of capital and I also don't want someone to steal my idea.

The app will do a lot of good.  I really need the app myself!

Thanks for your input in advance!
asked Oct 22, 2016 in Other Questions by tdb888 (220 points)

2 Answers

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Of course you could use different freelance websites, try to find good developer on iOS/Android forums or collaborate with professional and well-known developers team.

By the way I have the successful experience of cooperation with this mobile development team: Rozdoum. Software development house.
These guys have excellent skills and pleasant prices. They build mobile apps for Android and iOS and work with such projects like social networks, conference mobile applications, personal applications for business and location-aware apps.

Here, you go with some very important points that you can utilize when looking for a reliable Mobile app developer or company!
1. Apart from all technical aspects, a developer must identify client’s exact requirements. It helps them to make an app that can really go fascinating to fulfill their user’s various demands.

2. It’s very important for developers to judge how actually the apps would look and work. This can remove future chances of bugs and other technical errors. It determines the fulfillment of client’s every need.

3. The UI of an app is an important aspect and the developer must make it very user friendly.

Logic and experience plays an important role in addition to one’s technical expertise. Make sure you choose the one with sufficient practical exposures!

Hope, this would help you to choose the right one.

answered Nov 6, 2016 by ebest IBO Specialist (80,610 points)
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I have started my own smartphone app development company recently. I am an American living in the Philippines and have assembled a small team of programmers and designers and am capable of producing beautiful and functional apps for businesses at a very cut-rate cost. Please friend me on Facebook at: and we can chat about the details. Thank you!
answered Jan 12, 2017 by freedomfromfear (170 points)

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