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How many streams of income do you have? How Long did you take to grow them?

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asked Oct 22, 2016 in Business Opportunity by jcasia IBO Specialist (22,010 points)

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I have 7 total income streams, most provide consistent income, 2 are sporadic... 

2 MLM companies: One took 11 years to grow, the other took 2 years.

Affiliate Programs: I earned my first check under $10 about 12 years ago, my best week was just under $4000 3 years ago. Because of the competition out there, closure of some of the good affiliate companies and the increase in online marketers it has since decreased.

Free Lottery Pool Program: A consistent check (in British pounds) every month.

Google Adsense: I've been with them for 12 years now, a consistent check every month.

Banner Advertising Space Rental: 5 years, income is sporadic.

GoDaddy Domain Auctions (buy low, sell high): 8 years now, worst sale was a buy for $120 and sold for $278 after 5 months. Best sale was a buy at $5 (the bargain bin) and sold for $6000 3 months later.

If you're just starting out don't quit, and never stop learning and surfing the web for those sites where they give you a free home business education, whether through video's, a blog, or web site. It doesn't happen overnight but it'll happen for you if you treat like your regular job.

Get out there, work hard and learn along the way and you'll do just fine!



answered Oct 25, 2016 by WhitneyJaqueline IBO Specialist (34,360 points)
selected Oct 26, 2016 by jcasia
That is awesome Whit.  How did you learn all the tech skills it takes to put that together.
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I currently now have two streams of income however, one is offline and the other is online. This was done over a three year period for both with the help of some additional training that I had done .
answered Oct 22, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)
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I have two, with another two about to come on-stream and another two in the works (all except one are crypto currency related)...the development and growing acceptance of crypto currencies makes it an exciting niche and will no doubt add to the above tally. New services, tech and opportunity abound.There are constant developments. You have to be light on your feet and be able to test new things. I love it.  

How long did it take me....? Hard question for me to give a simple answer to. Best I can do is the product of a long journey over 8 years, with many twists, turns, ups and downs. It is the result of all my experience and knowledge gathered to date, on- and off-line. It is a never-ending process. Ask me the same question in 10 years and I'll probably say +/- the same thing....and hopefully know more stuff and be wiser
answered Oct 22, 2016 by CryptoCat IBO Master (8,150 points)

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