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How get more traffic for website through Social Media?

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How get more traffic for website through Social Media?
asked Oct 27, 2016 in Internet Advertising by updatedreviews IBO Master (5,520 points)

3 Answers

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The best way to get social media traffic to your website is to engage them on a Platform where selling products is accepted and expected. It is also best to do it with software where possible. A good example would the latest software by Jon Leger which is an automated process of following and engaging people in their niche. Follow this link to see my bonuses for those that purchase through me:
answered Oct 27, 2016 by Cyberchoices IBO Guru (1,900 points)
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For sites similar to facebook, you can become member of groups both closed and open and post helpful comments and in the interim network with other members there and the traffic will eventually come as people will want to know what kind of sucessful business you are apart of a join up with you.
answered Apr 4, 2017 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)
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Make sure that you add share buttons to the pages that you want to promote on social media. I think this is the most important way to get traffic for your site because they encourage people to share your page.

People aren't just going to go out of their way on their own to copy and paste the link to your site on social media unless it is truly an outstanding resource.

However, if there is a convenient share button available where they can post in just one click, they'll be much more likely to share your page.
answered Jun 5, 2017 by shane_harrison IBO Guru (1,670 points)

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