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You have probably heard the saying: people hate to be sold to, but they love to buy. Who do people buy from?

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You have probably heard the saying: people hate to be sold to, but they love to buy.

Who do people buy from?

If you answered, “from people they know, like and trust”, a high five to you! *SLAP*

How can you get people to know, like and trust you?

asked Oct 29, 2016 in Internet Marketing Tools by ebest IBO Specialist (82,370 points)

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Of course my answer is "People buy from people they know, like and trust"!

How can you get people to know, like and trust you?  It's simple - build relationships with them!  Be a good listener to hear what they want, what they pains are.  Offer value all the time!  These relationships are gold!  Give, give, give!

I have a course at MWK that teaches how to get people to know like and trust you.  It really comes down to that first impression that you make.  First impressions are vital to your success. If your first impression of someone is hasty and incorrect, it colors how you feel about them for years to come. It's very hard to wipe away the first thoughts and feelings you had about someone.

This is true not only of people you meet, but also brands and their products. It's important for business owners to consider the first impression they make and leverage it to make the best impression possible.

Did you know that the first impression you make on potential customers, prospects or future team members is largely what influences them to eventually buy from you?  From the very beginning, you need to make an impression that sells and continue developing this impression through your relationship with them.

In the course which is called "First Impressions - Getting People to Know, Like and Trust You", you will learn 3 key elements to making a good, lasting first impression that will lead to gaining more customers and clients, and a stronger relationship with them.

answered Oct 29, 2016 by marketwithkris IBO Specialist (44,330 points)
selected Feb 23, 2017 by ebest
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People buy from people they trust or to those who have some influence to them.Our credibility as sellers have a great impact on whatever products or services we are trying to sell.
answered Oct 29, 2016 by tetbarredo IBO Master (6,120 points)
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You have to be seen.  To do that you must be providing great value consistently.  Videos, blog posts, all over Facebook.  You can write articles on LinkedIn.   IBO is also a great place to get seen. Write great PR's and very important information on the wall.
answered Oct 30, 2016 by Chris Shouse IBO Specialist (43,260 points)
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This is the same analogy that Dogs don't like when you blow on their face but they stick their head out of the window that blow heavy wind.

The take from this is people like to do things on their own term rather than someone tell them to do things, in other words they appreciate their own finding that they find on their own or from trusted source.

If one established a good relationship and trust as well as a great service his/her customer is for life.

So people buy from whom they trust and count on in every way that meet or exceed their expectation.
answered Oct 31, 2016 by Abe IBO Guru (4,190 points)
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Here's a little different answer... People buy from those who offer the product or service that most closely addresses a need they have. Once they've made their first purchase from that person, credibility is established and they will continue to buy from that person other products/services that address their need.
answered Nov 1, 2016 by ErnieG IBO Guru (2,990 points)
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Ok, you gave the direct answer, so let's take it a step or two further!

By helping the potential customer satisfy a particular need.  By helping they solve a problem.  By helping them through FREE information that does not give away the product but does hint at it and help them know there is a solution just around the corner.

Also by offering them a fair price with appropriate customer service.
answered Nov 1, 2016 by mickeyb IBO Guru (2,280 points)
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Not only do they buy from people they know like and trust but they follow the same people.

But how do you build trust was the question I was trying to ind out.

The only way I know is to tell your story because stories sell and facts tell.

The best way is to let your story be told to build the KNOW LIKE TRUST triangle.
answered Nov 2, 2016 by bigticketguy IBO Guru (1,850 points)
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I have found that people tend to buy from people that they know and trust and formed a relationship with over a given period of time. While you may have some people who will also see a given product or service and may simply purchase it at first view, this does tend to be the minority  that happens in the marketplace.
answered Nov 10, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,620 points)
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People normally purchased product from other trusted marketers online or people they see as recommended leaders om the market place
answered Nov 10, 2016 by babyface IBO Master (6,720 points)
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I agree with every comment so far. 

   As to 'How' to generate trust, look at it from the other end.

I've run into marketers who 'Opt-into' your Capture Page, wait to get your contact info, criticize whatever you're offering, then propose their own product as a better seller.

   Being slimy won't gain trust, but being helpful, tasteful & available will.

answered Nov 11, 2016 by Workwithterry IBO Guru (3,020 points)

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