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For Those Who Do Not Know What Is IBOURL and How Do You Use It?

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asked Nov 1, 2016 in IBO platform questions by Chris Shouse IBO Specialist (41,750 points)

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The IBOurl and .net aliasing are amazing tools for you to utilize! The IBOurl is a link shortner and more!  Many times you want to hide those very long ugly affiliate links by using a link shortner to shorten your link to something easier to work with. The IBOurl does that and also enables you to place a menubar on the top of any webpage. This menubar will create branding for you in a very professional manner. It also allows quick access for your visitors to see your videos and press releases, check out any of your social networks, and chat live with you. 

IBOurls have the capability of turning any webpage into a contact form as well by adding the Auto Show option and selecting the "Learn More" form or the opportunity for your visitors to join IBOtoolbox with a "create IBOtoolbox account" form. Any contact information you receive by someone filling out these forms will be easily accessible to you in "My Leads" section of IBOtoolbox. 

When you use the IBOurl to shorten a url, the IBO system will automatically assign it a combination of letters and/or numbers that will follow after the Here's an example for one made for the IBO Newsletter: For even more branding, we'll take that IBOurl and create an alias for it by giving it a more human name or something that makes sense to you or your audience like this:

For training on how to create an IBOurl and .net aliasing, click here to watch a short, step-by-step video tutorial.

answered Nov 1, 2016 by marketwithkris IBO Specialist (44,290 points)
selected Nov 2, 2016 by Chris Shouse

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