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Payza vs Paypal? Which Payment Gateway do you think is best?

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PayPal’s current fee structure is about 2.9% when receiving funds from sources other than from a PayPal balance while Payza runs at 2.5%.

  • Easy Sign up and Verification Process unlike in Paypal you have to provide Extra information of your pan card and Bank account In payza You can Verify a account for receiving and Sending money Only with you mobile phone.
  • PayPal supports 18 currencies while Payza supports 22. In the area of countries supported, Payza beats PayPal by a wide margin with 206 supported countries compared to PayPal’s 17.
  • Both companies offer good security measures, but  payza goes a step further with their Know Your Customer Policy. This policy ensures that the user’s identity is kept private throughout the transaction. In addition, all funds deposited in Payza accounts are insured through the FDIC and Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.
  • You can Sell and Buy online as every Big Website supports transaction from Payza.
  • You can Withdraw your money anytime from payza account to your bank account and Its free in India.
  • It’s clear that by comparing the services head to head, payza comes out as a better alternative to sending money than PayPal. PayPal is number one mainly because they were first out of the gate and were adopted early on by eBay users, but if you’re looking for a better, less expensive and more secure way to send and receive money online, check out Payza

We have all heard horror stories about PayPal blocking accounts for various reasons, or for no reason at all (so the victims claim). Even if these stories are not 100% true, it would still be a nightmare if it happened to you. You shouldn’t put all your payment eggs in one basket–the risk is too high.

Why Payza is Better Than Paypal? Which Payment Gateway do you think is best?

asked Nov 4, 2016 in Internet Marketing Tools by ebest IBO Specialist (80,610 points)
edited Nov 4, 2016 by ebest

3 Answers

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I have had my Paypal account over 10 years and in the past it was the only payment processor I used. I tried to set up Payza, however, could never get it verified.  I think it is the strict security with my bank. I ended up using Solid Trust and I like it just as well as Paypal.  I have also used squarecash which is my absolute favorite.  When someone sends you money it is immediately in your account.  I am very impressed.  I have heard Bitcoin is the same way, however, I don't have an account and can not vouch for them.
answered Mar 6, 2017 by pksnyder IBO Guru (1,520 points)
selected Sep 8, 2017 by ebest
I like PayPal better.  I've used PayPal for years but I had a short time where I used Payza and to me it wasn't as user friendly as PayPal.  I'm in some programs that PayPal dropped so I have to look for another processor.  I'm thinking Solid Trust, Skrill and Bitcoin, since that looks like the future.
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I use both so there isn't one I think is better then the other. I've used PayPal for years and I've heard about the stories of them closing accounts like you mentioned, however it hasn't happened to me (so far anyways). I learned recently that they'll not provide the service to any program with more then one level of payments (MLM) so that's a big downer for me. I believe it's fine with Payza though I haven't researched this and you might know more. I like them both but for different reasons, and for non-business generic online payments I tend to use PayPal since that button seems to be available at most online stores.
answered Nov 4, 2016 by WhitneyJaqueline IBO Specialist (30,990 points)
I too use both Whitney and yes there are several online business out there that have lost there Paypal account similar to leadsleap. However it is quite surprising to see the reason why leadsleap have lost their account while their are several other website out there of similar nature who are still using Paypal for years.
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As Robinson hinted, Payza is safe processor to use as a back to Paypal and I think it is a lot less restrictive to more online programme in comparison to Paypal
answered Mar 7, 2017 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,490 points)

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