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What To Do When Your Upline Doesn’t Want You to Use the Internet to Build Your MLM ?

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asked Nov 13, 2016 in Mentorship/Training by mlmteamsuccess IBO Guru (3,840 points)

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A very common question we get from people learning the cutting edge online recruiting methods through ‘Attraction Marketing Principles’ , has to do with a concern over being scolded by an upline for “choosing a different path.”

Everyone wants to know what the “best way” to build their business is.  It’s human nature to move towards methods that are most efficient and bring the fastest and highest results for the least amount of work and most distributors are on a constant search to find ‘magic system’.

The most important component of anyone’s success – YOU!

Here’s essentially what you need to make attraction marketing work, in the same way countless 6-figure and 7-figure earners have learned from us

To your sucess !

answered Nov 13, 2016 by attractionmarketing IBO Master (8,460 points)
selected Nov 13, 2016 by mlmteamsuccess
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I cannot believe any upliner would not want you to build your own downline by any means at your hand
answered Nov 22, 2016 by Alecrin IBO Guru (1,790 points)
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First, find out why. Is it a company restriction or your upline's preference? If it is simply your upline's preference you are under no obligation to comply. Your upline/sponsor/team leader is NOT your boss. Neither are they responsible for your success.. you are. So you need to pursue those marketing methods you find to be most effective.

With that being said, be sure you do comply with all your company's rules concerning advertising and marketing methods.
answered Nov 30, 2016 by ErnieG IBO Guru (2,940 points)
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Wow! is there really anyone that is a 'leader' in any spline that would belittle the most powerful tool and resource at your fingertips? I would say do it any way and leave them in the dark ages!
answered Dec 5, 2016 by ToddTreharne IBO Specialist (43,900 points)
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Unless it would be a breech of the programmes TOS of the programme in question or my upline  could show me the clear downside in promoting said business from the internet (which I doubt) I would ignore what they said if either conditions were not met and promote the business on any form of media that can be used to advertise said product, programme or service which would also include the internet
answered Mar 17 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (71,130 points)

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