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What to do with a 'lazy & improductive' downline ...?

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asked Nov 15, 2016 in Mentorship/Training by mlmteamsuccess IBO Guru (3,840 points)

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My mentor did recently had a conversation with a top earner in network marketing whose business had flatlined and she was troubled by the fact that most of her downline team members seemed to be lazy, not producing, and not following through on what they said they’d do.

She wanted to know how she could find more people with even a quarter of her drive, so her business could grow faster.

The answer he gave her was NOT what she expected!

He told her that even though her downline team members are lazy and not productive, that’s actually NOT the reason her business isn’t growing.

The lazy distributors in her organization are actually a symptom of another problem.

Here’s what he shared with her…

answered Nov 15, 2016 by attractionmarketing IBO Master (8,860 points)
selected Nov 15, 2016 by mlmteamsuccess

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