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What is MLMgateway?

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asked Nov 17, 2016 in Internet Marketing Tools by quidec IBO Master (6,770 points)

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MLM Gateway is a Social Platform for all individuals trying to market their business and gain new prospects.

Using MLMGateway to share value with others, and make real connections will make MLMGateway a very profitable and reliable website for you. After joining become a Featured Professional so you can quickly build a connection base, or purchase a lot of credits for discounted amounts. Building your connections is important, so act fast.
Stay active on the site giving updates everyday and writing business announcements. This will keep more people connecting with you and build more credits for connections and advertising. Or when you run campaigns, always include advertising with MLMGateway as it is the most targeted advertising for our MLM niche. Always purchase the most credits possible when building your list and running new campaigns.
answered Nov 22, 2016 by ebest IBO Specialist (79,000 points)
selected Nov 22, 2016 by quidec
Thanks ebest for your input! Which campaigns are most viable in terms of exposure?
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MLM gateway is supposed to be a network for multi-level-marketers to access each others downlines, where I give you access to all my Amway downline and you in return give me access to all your Melaleuca distributors (for example) so that we each get more sales and commissions by hitting people who are already accustomed to MLM and therefore maybe open to further offers.

Some people find it lacks transparency or maybe even a scam, I don't pretend to judge that sort of thing.
answered Nov 18, 2016 by deputy (260 points)
Thanks deputy for stopping by,and for giving us this information!
Wow - I did not know that you give MLM Gateway access to your downline members!  I never joined, but to me, that is a big red flag.  I would not appreciate if my information was given without my permission
Am following!

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