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What Is Your Criteria For Joining An Opportunity You See Advertised?

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You see many listing building and programs and opportunities advertised.  Why do you choose to join one?
asked Nov 24, 2016 in Internet Advertising by Chris Shouse IBO Specialist (43,260 points)

3 Answers

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I've said this elsewhere, and it sounds arrogant, but it's actually common business sense:

I want to directly contact the principals involved and have an in-depth conversation with them.

If I'm going to put my name on the line on their behalf -- investing time and money in their enterprise -- then I want to know with whom I'm dealing. The good ones have no problem with this. Among other things, they know I'm serious about working with them.

This is a hard and fast rule for me. Under no circumstances do I want to recommend a product or service to anyone that I haven't researched thoroughly, use myself, and can explain every aspect of it from direct experience.

answered Dec 8, 2016 by Kjell Sherman IBO Guru (4,540 points)
selected Dec 8, 2016 by Chris Shouse
I do not think that is arrogant at all I think it is your duty to check things out to your satisfaction.
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There are a combination of different factors

How established is it EG over 18 months old

What are the terms and conditions of joining, for EG where can you advertise

What is the compensation plan like?

Is recruiting to earn a requirement

Hope this is of use
answered Nov 24, 2016 by davehayes IBO Guru (1,580 points)
Thank you Dave for your input.
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First of all, it is very important for me to see if I can make money with it. Then if it's legit and trustful. And of course, if it fits me and my values. But from the company's factor very important would be.

1. Products

2. Compensation plan

3. Leadership.

With those 3 you can tell a lot abut that company and see if you can build future with it.
answered Nov 26, 2016 by Sany Fox IBO Guru (2,420 points)
Thank you Sany it is interesting to see your list of what is important.

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