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How do you handle rejection?

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How would you and more importantly, how would you model handling rejection for your team?
asked Dec 8, 2016 in Business Opportunity by ToddTreharne IBO Specialist (53,040 points)

6 Answers

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Whenever i experience rejection, i try to recall this cliche, "some will, some won't, so what?" Next?
answered Dec 19, 2016 by sdymanagers IBO Guru (2,020 points)
Sage wisdom!
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If the rejection is on the personal level, it may a little bit difficult to handle.

If it is related marketing, here is the formula:

There are 3 groups


Probably / may be - fence sitters

Nays - they will never change their mind.

All Of Them form a percentage in every business.

So I am always prepared for the third ones and concentrate mainly on the second.
answered Dec 23, 2016 by iyengar IBO Master (8,340 points)
I agree! I teach my team the art of 'sorting'
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Everyone knows that we can't get every person that we meet to join our business. Some people will never join any business. So I look for the ones who will, and make sure that I have the training I need so that when I talk to them, I don't talk them out of joining.

Stephen Johnson
answered Feb 19, 2017 by embracesuccess IBO Guru (1,240 points)
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I am afraid that rejection and failure and disappointment are a regular feature of ordinary life, no matter how successful someone may be.

I hate rejection. In the past, I've been guilty of consciously avoiding situations where I might get rejected, both professionally and personally. I often steer clear of men who are “out of my league," and I've frequently held back from telling people my true feelings for fear they won't reciprocate. The last time a man turned me down I retorted (word-for-word, and I'm not proud of this): "You're either kidding yourself or you are just an arse." Ergh.

I'm working on

a) being comfortable with making myself vulnerable and

b) dealing with the inevitable occasional rejection in a dignified manner.

Resilience is learnable, but it takes practise.

answered Feb 19, 2017 by ebest IBO Specialist (80,610 points)
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I was one too that feared rejection however, I have never let it stopped me from achieving my goals. This fear over the period of time have only now made me stronger
answered Feb 19, 2017 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,490 points)
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I view rejection as a stumbling block in making stronger
answered Feb 19, 2017 by DeanG IBO Master (8,180 points)

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