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Does Google Adsense reject site hits from Traffic Exchanges?

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asked Dec 19, 2016 in Internet Advertising by sdymanagers IBO Guru (2,020 points)

2 Answers

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No Google Does not reject sites getting hits from traffic exchange because I am also using traffic exchange for my website to get more hits on it and never got rejected by Google. You can also try.
answered Dec 26, 2016 by updatedreviews IBO Master (5,560 points)
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Whilst you may get away with using Traffic Exchanges, for now, Google does imply that using Traffic Exchanges are not best practice. So, know that you are taking a risk and it may just be a matter of time before you are pulled up. On the other hand apparently,  there are traffic exchanges that may well be acceptable due to the way in which they actually work (maybe someone can shed some light on this).
answered Mar 14, 2017 by phandb IBO Guru (2,600 points)

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