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What do you think are the Best options today for Hosting, Autoresponders & marketing tools?

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asked Dec 22, 2016 in Internet Marketing Tools by thethrash IBO Specialist (30,000 points)

1 Answer

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Hello Jeff,

 For hosting I have tried several hosts including godaddy but I did not like the costs so I changed to Global Domains International the cost is only $10 a month they offer a site builder or an  FTP service to upload your own files to their servers. You can view their frequently asked questions here. I own 3 websites and I am happy with their services which include 10 Email addresses per domain, several ways to create sub-domains including WordPress and Drupal, plus they have a great compensation plan if you wanted to be an Affiliate.

For an Autoresponder I use TrafficWave because for what I get it is worth the cost of $17.95 versus the other more expensive options with a free 30 day trial. They offer free unlimited hosted pages and unlimited banner hosting as well as unlimited subscribers and lists. They really set up their program well I love their support they answer reply's real quick, usually within 72 hours or less here is the frequently asked questions page. they have a Great pay structure, your own Autoresponder is free after you sign up your first 3 paying members each month they pay for their own services!

Finally Marketing Tools I recommend LeadsLeap It shares up to 90% of its revenue with ALL our members, no purchase needed. Definitely no Ad Pack to purchase! 'Timer-free' ad viewer. (You'll know what I mean and how important it is once you see how it works.) Real visit' tracking system. (You can tell how long visitors have surfed on your ad. This itself is revolutionary!) We have 3 free credit based ads as a free member and 10 Credit free ads and 10 FREE ads requiring credits as a PRO Member for $19.90 a month (I am PRO)

This is a system with lots of potential.See how it works

Thanks for asking this question.

Have a Great Weekend!



answered Jan 8, 2017 by rjpjrblue IBO Guru (1,640 points) 1 flag

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