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Have You Used Facebook Groups To Build Your Business?

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asked Dec 28, 2016 in Internet Marketing Tools by Chris Shouse IBO Specialist (44,980 points)
I personal think that the groups are overloaded with people who are all promoting there stuff and you cant reach all of them anyway. I simply use facebook ads. work really well for me.
You are correct in a lot of them are full of spam and a lot of them are auto-posted so a person never even goes into the group itself.
Yes, Facebook groups can be helpful to build a business,if they interested to your stuffs, they would buy it..

2 Answers

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I have Chris! How to is actually a product I sell! It has worked great for thousands and is easy to use.

We teach strategies and show how to leverage your efforts using Facebook and Facebook groups.

Finding your niche and engaging. There are groups where it is just a spam fest of links, not  going to work. 

Can provide a link, if you request, I do not want to infringe on your post or question.

answered Dec 30, 2016 by ToddTreharne IBO Specialist (56,390 points)
Todd, you may put the link in if you would like to help others. So go for it :)
We will teach you the fundamental skills to help you pinpoint the perfect prospects on social media, and how to get them into your business. Leveraging Facebook Groups is a main target. Here is the link to get it. Best of success!
Awesome thank you :)
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If you type these words in Facebook search box " aso,seo,sem,smm " you can join this group to learn about SEO and eCommerce business.
answered Jan 1, 2017 by beyond11 IBO Master (6,180 points)

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