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What areas do you need to focus on for a successful online business?

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asked Oct 8, 2016 in Business Opportunity by power2 IBO Guru (2,260 points)

12 Answers

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The areas that you need to focus on for a successful online business are:

  1. Learn as much about your business as you can by attending training or learning from your sponsor.  
  2. Train and mentor your team.  If you sponsored them, train them or at least lead them to where they can get help or assistance - they will stay on your team longer. 
  3. Do not get sidetracked and join additional businesses!  Get one online business going and successful first, then you can move onto another.
  4. If you have a successful online business, be very careful about moving your existing team with you.  They might not be ready for a second online business.  Having multiple business can send the wrong message to your team.

Hope that helps!

answered Oct 9, 2016 by marketwithkris IBO Specialist (44,330 points)
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This would depend on what your online business is. A blog would require a different approach to say an Amazon store or an affiliate promotion or an mlm.

Generally though, it is like any brick-n-mortar business and the same common sense, focus, people skills and good practices apply. Know EVERYTHING about your product/business/opportunity- demonstrated competence builds trust.

To be of service is never a bad thing, regardless of what you do. It builds relationships and always yields a return.
answered Oct 9, 2016 by CryptoCat IBO Master (8,130 points)
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People buy from those they know, like and trust......NOT companies.....YOU!

answered Oct 10, 2016 by judybonacci (970 points)
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Nobody can teach you how to build a successful online business overnight.

Most “experts” teach you that once you find your passion, you’ll magically become wealthy.

I don’t have to tell you that this plan is missing a few vital steps, such as an actual plan. Before you invest your time and energy creating an online product, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I know which idea will be most profitable?
  • Will people actually pay?
  • How do I bring in traffic and buyers?
  • What can I do to set my business on autopilot, so it runs on systems instead of on my (limited) time?
answered Oct 11, 2016 by ebest IBO Specialist (82,620 points)
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I am not going to to all in but to build a successful online business is to build trust and just actual focus get rid of everything that is taking your eyes off what you really need to be doing.
answered Oct 15, 2016 by PartnerWithSilas IBO Master (5,950 points)
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I agree build your business, offering top quality products and service, if people don't want it or need it they won't take the time to even look. Marketing takes a lot of time and work but is well worth the effort. Build trust and the business will grow.
answered Oct 17, 2016 by Seashell IBO Master (5,230 points)
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I recommend when just starting out the Internet marketing business do not spread yourself thin.  As most have already said, concentrate on building a primary business with your team and after establishing yourself in your primary business you can then seek out other programmes of interest. Why?  it has been proven in the field of marketing that every product have a given lifespan. Some may know this as the Product Life Cycle (PLC) where a product, service offered or programme peaks in sales, levels off then eventually gradually declines over given period of time.
answered Oct 20, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)
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I think it depends a lot of what business niche you are in but we can pay attention to:

1. Learn all about your business niche, you and your team, learning is an endless task

2. Provide value in what you sell or offer as a service

3. Provide Quality in your products or service (think like Apple)

4. Improve your customer service

5. Start again with number 1


Hector J.

answered Oct 22, 2016 by espeas2001 IBO Specialist (15,370 points)
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Susan Friedmann coined the term “The Riches Are In the Niches” in her book by the same name. In today’s world, generalists need to have the scale and logistics of Amazon to compete. A local brick-and-mortar business might struggle in a small market if they are in a narrow niche. Expand that business on-line, and specialization attracts ideal customers from across the globe. Just be sure you have a product or service they can easily buy to build trust so they can easily do business with you.
answered Oct 28, 2016 by JamesDoan IBO Guru (4,970 points)
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Learning as much as possible before you join a given business can also be a great asset to you as well for this will always cause you to make an information decision should you decide to invest fully in the business in question.
answered Nov 10, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)

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