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Are You Using QR Codes In Your Business?

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asked Jan 4 in Other Questions by Chris Shouse IBO Specialist (24,530 points)

3 Answers

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QR Codes are great marketing tool when it comes to offline marketing. You can use them on flyers for people to access your web site on they mobile device easy and instantly, just by reading the code. Or on car window as an advertising tool. I saw great use on business card - you exchange business card and people can enter your contact info into their phone just by reading the code. I don't see much use in online marketing. I saw interesting use to share it on Facebook as a picture, just to attract people to read it by their mobile device and visit their website or get their contact info into their mobile.
answered Jan 5 by ladislavsmrtnik (240 points)
Thank you for the answer. Since I do not do much offline marketing maybe I do not need one.
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QR codes to me are like the metric system in the U.S. They seemed like a good idea, and everyone was suppose to be using them, though, they just never really caught on.

 Just my opinion based on observation and experience.
answered 5 days ago by ToddTreharne IBO Specialist (26,650 points)
I agree, Todd, when I was in real estate it was a big thing to put a code on your listing signs and people could get information.  They never really took off and I don't think they will now.
I agree  with you!
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I am looking at using QR Codes for my business. Depending on what your targeted market is. Although QR Codes will eventually be replaced by beacons and the Physical Web, the Codes will be around for a long while. Because of the QR Codes wide array of uses and the Smartphone users demand for conveniencet is why the QR Codes are making such a big comeback in marketing. One in every five Smartphone user downloaded a QR Code. I am betting that number will grow.
answered 5 days ago by Mixter (340 points)
Thank you for the information.  I have never heard of Beacons.
A Beacon is a USB device that broadcasts signals that can be heard by smart devices nearby. Paired with an app, a business is able to deliver information to users at specific locations, creating a unique customer experience.
WOW thank you, that is fascinating.

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