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What is the best way to promote our sites and promote Ibotoolbox to help people that join

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asked Jan 9 in IBO platform questions by ccl99 (390 points)

4 Answers

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There are many ways you could promote your IBO.  You could write a blog post. You could use advertising on different advertising platforms. You could put your link in groups on Facebook. You could Tweet about IBO.  You could write an article for LinkedIn and Google+.  You could do a video for YouTube and  also share it to Facebook.

To help people once they get in I strongly suggest they get on the Wed. webinar with Kris.  I think they will find a link to sign up on the IBO Newsletter page.

Hope that helps.    

answered Jan 9 by Chris Shouse IBO Specialist (31,170 points)
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I normally add a link for IBOTool box to my websites and when they do join I encourage them to stop by Kris Wednesdays webinar
answered Feb 8 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (68,320 points)
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Do your marketing on other social platforms should help you
answered Feb 8 by babyface IBO Master (6,570 points)
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Social medias are the best place to promote.  For instance, far too often Tumblr is overlooked not only as a blogging platform but also as a social media outlet, yet ironically, it has the ability to take your blogging to an entirely new level. Tumblr combines a blogging platform and a social network site into one allowing you to share videos, photos, music, links, text and more. Tumblr provides you with the opportunity to quickly and easily connect with followers and other Tumblr users. It provides you the ability to connect to other social platforms like Facebook or Twitter simply by installing the appropriate plugins. Make sure that you take full advantage of tags as this is how users are going to find your posts. If you neglect this important step it will have a negative impact on your traffic flow and readers.

answered Feb 23 by mahede (300 points)

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