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Do you have any experience with daily intermittent fasting for improved health?

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asked Jan 9 in Other Questions by thethrash IBO Specialist (19,630 points)
I am not sure as to what exactly you are asking, though I have experience with drinking water instead of eating during the day. Often what is perceived as hunger is actually dehydration.
 Hope that helps!

2 Answers

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I have read articles about it and they all say it is a healthy way to stay cleansed.  I am starting a 10 day transformational today and then it goes into a metabolism reset mode for 90 more. In other words, it is a 100-day challenge. It is mostly awesome shakes with a limited amount of food but the food you do eat is clean.  (No GMO or Toxins)
answered Jan 9 by Chris Shouse IBO Specialist (24,530 points)
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I don't know about 'daily' fasting but I know that if we give our bodies at least 15 hours in a row (including while sleeping) this is considered a type of fasting or way of allowing our bodies to cleanse. My son believes in fasting one full day a week as a  way to allow his body and mind to detox.
answered Jan 9 by Seashell IBO Guru (3,640 points)

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