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Whats the Difference between a good email list and a bad one?

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asked Oct 9, 2016 in Marketing Lists by leroyr (220 points)

8 Answers

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The difference between a good email list and a bad one is how responsive that list is.  How can you tell?  First, are they opening the emails you send them and if so are they taking action.  Are they making purchases from you or are they joining your team.  If none of this is happening it could be due to not a few things:

  1. You are not targeting the right audience
  2. You could be changing direction too frequently (switching businesses, products, etc.)
  3. You are not offering value to your list but always selling something

If you have a good email list, your list is frequently asking you questions, responding to emails, offers and more.

I offer a list building course at MWK that can help you.  You can preview what this course teaches by going to MWK and scrolling do to the preview section to see what is inside the lesson by clicking on the lesson itself.  To order the course, click here.

answered Oct 9, 2016 by marketwithkris IBO Specialist (44,330 points)
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Buying email lists is a legitimate email marketer's kiss of death...

When it comes to rented or purchased lists, you may come across vendors or marketers who say, "This email list is totally opt-in!" This means that the people on the list opted in to an email communication from someone at some point in time -- like the list provider, for example. What it doesn't mean, however, is that they opted in to receive email communications from your business.

Good email address lists aren't for sale.

If someone actually had a good email list, they'd keep it to themselves because they don't want to see the value of those email addresses diminished by letting other people get their hands on it. Think about it -- would you sell or share the email addresses of those who have voluntarily opted in to receive email from you? I didn't think so.

If you purchase a list, you have no way of confirming how often those email addresses have been emailed, whether the email addresses on that list have been scrubbed for hard bounces to prevent identifying you as a spammer, or from where those email addresses originated. Are you really willing to risk not only your email deliverability, but also the reputation of your IP address and your company? Even if you find the light after purchasing or renting email lists and decide to only email those who have opted in with your company, it will take you months (or maybe years) to get your Sender Score up and rebuild the reputation of your IP.

Thankfully, there are email verification and list hygiene providers on the market who gather intelligence and will help you clean your lists before getting caught up in this mess. Keep in mind that there’s a huge difference between email validation versus email verification services.

Here are the leading email verification and list hygiene services online:

  • Turbo AutoResponderTurboAutoResponder verifies your customer email addresses in real-time and helps you to maintain an email hygiene delivering maximum response rate.
  • Bounceless – Bounceless will clean your email lists by detecting unverified emails, spam traps, and disposable domains.
  • Proofy – Quickly validate and verify your email lists. EU-US Privacy Shield compliant.
  • Quick Email Verification – A web-based service to verify email addresses in bulk or real-time using a REST API. They detect invalid and non-working emails and provide you with complete detailed report.
  • Verifalia – Verifalia is a web-based email validation service that lets you upload and validate lists of email addresses simply and easily.
  • Xverify – Know you are emailing an account that will not bounce. Xverify can verify email addresses in real time and via batch.

Utilization of these list hygiene services can improve the percentage of emails that make it to the inbox, reduce your risk of being blocked by the Internet Service Providers, and reduce the risk of getting fired by your Email Service Provider… they’re worth the investment if you’ve got an old list or are collaborating on one. Keep in mind that you’ll simply never reach 100% accuracy on your lists. People change jobs and providers often, abandoning their old email addresses.

I hope this helps!

answered Oct 11, 2016 by ebest IBO Specialist (82,370 points)
edited Oct 29, 2017 by ebest
Anne, what you have said it sad but true. The person who tends to sell the list on consistent basis really does not value their list of subscribers to the extent where they are confident that they have a good responsive list in all aspect of the word.
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There's no good or bad, if your list is not responding to your promotions, maybe you need to work a little more in:

Your email campaigns
What kind of people you want to target to
What type products/businesses you want to promote to your list
Among other things

I do recommend you to get this free report to learn more.

List Building Ninja

Best Regards
Hector J
answered Oct 11, 2016 by espeas2001 IBO Specialist (15,370 points)
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Good List = $$

Bad List = no money


Great to have a responsive list if they buy!
answered Oct 11, 2016 by RikRodriguez IBO Guru (4,180 points)
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A list that is no responsive to emails sent to me is simple a bad list. Most time this is so when you have a list of majority of tire kickers.

A responsive list does not necessarily have to make a purchase all the time but at least view the offer sent.
answered Oct 19, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,620 points)
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The key difference I always try to identify is how responsive the  email list are. Yeah conversion are excellent too however even if I don't receive a single conversion I always want to see some amount of reaction from my visitors
answered Mar 30, 2017 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,620 points)
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The difference between them is: performance KPI's.

A good email list will give you excellent results: sales, engagement and other important factors that one should expect from a high quality email list.

A bad email list will primary be quiet. By "quiet" I mean that it will not open email, will not buy/engage with you, mark you as spam, have addresses that are spam traps and overall key indicators that could hurt your online presence.

To create and keep your email list good i would suggest the following:

1. Don't buy email lists

2. Always be sure to segment it

3. Always have activation email campaigns

4. The right content for your email list audience.

If you are just now creating your subscriber list be sure to check the above items, but if you already have an email list and it doesn't work, you should try to clean it and save the quality emails from in it.

I would suggest primarily to start with an email validation system like ZeroBounce and start to get rid of spam traps, unused email addresses, bounce emails and many other emails that can give you the impression that your email list is bad.

answered Sep 22, 2017 by Marks (570 points)
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The main difference between A Good Email List and a Bad Email List is getting high number of Bounceback emails especially hard bounces. 

If you are getting higher number of bounce back then you need to validate your email list using one of Bulk Email Validation provider. By doing this your bounceback decreases and so it will not hurt your domain and IP reputation.

If the email list is good then the amount of email cleaned from the list will be very less or else sometimes nearly 40 to 50 percent of emails are removed.

So once you have a cleaned email list, you can send them a good newsletter or offer email by using one of the Email Marketing service provider. You can use their built in templates or code your own email template and send to your subscribers. They also provides statistics such as open rate and click rate. So after the first email what you have will be a good email list. 

answered Dec 4, 2017 by jimcarter2605 (890 points)

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