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I've been trying to get points I paid for at IBO list added to my account, it's has been over 3 months now, why so long?

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asked Oct 10, 2016 in IBO platform questions by WhitneyJaqueline IBO Specialist (30,970 points)
Hello, it's now going on 4 months trying to get this solved, almost a month from the last comment here at IBO Answers. I'm sincerely not trying to be a pain, just trying to get what I paid for so I can run the ads I currently have on hold in my IBO List basket. I've been putting in support tickets and emailing Kris and Admin directly over the last 4 months, however this has resulted in no action to date. Please add the 2000 credit to may account so I can run the ads I paid for, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys! Whit

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What is your username on IBOlist?
answered Oct 14, 2016 by admin IBO Guru (3,120 points)
Hello, my user name at IBOlist is "LottoMagic".

The last email I received from IBOlist Admin said "Hi Jasco, 2000 credits were added to the system". However when I try to run the ads in my cart there are no credits available to use.

Your help would be greatly (greatly) appreciated!

Thank you,

Admin and Kris, it's now been over 6 months now to have the 2000 credits added to my IBO List account as you mentioned many months ago... still nothing has happened even after posting my user name and emailing each of you again on Nov. 14th, 2016. This week I spent $240 for ad credits at IBO Toolbox, that went through fine, however for IBO List nothing but silence, and no credits added back... it's very frustrating. Over the last 4 years I have spent thousands of dollars at the IBO family of websites - please look into this for me. Thanks, Whit

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