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Have you used Google Adwords and how was your overall result?

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asked Oct 10, 2016 in Internet Advertising by WhitneyJaqueline IBO Specialist (34,360 points)

2 Answers

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YES! I used Google Adwords...

Since August, SMART i-AutoResponder has received more than 40,000 website clicks with an average CTR of 2.52%, and has paid on average $0.38 per click for a conversion rate of around 7.5%. Also, SMART i-AutoResponder has seen a sharp increase in the amount of group bookings and the size of those group bookings as people have commented, shared, and tagged their friends and family within the different adverts.  

answered Oct 14, 2016 by ebest IBO Specialist (83,860 points)
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I had signed up an account some years ago but my website never got approved for adsence
answered Oct 19, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)
NB: Adsense is for publishers (e.g. website owners). Adwords is for advertisers.

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