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WooCommerce or Shopify ?

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Which eCommerce solution is better and why: WooCommerce or Shopify for starting dropshipping online ?
asked Feb 25 in Other Questions by beyond11 IBO Master (5,720 points)

5 Answers

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My opinion is Shopify is better choice because it is easier to edit and import products with Oberlo application that you can try for 14 days free.
answered Feb 25 by magdipelech IBO Guru (2,140 points)
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Shopify is the best solution for starting dropshipping website...
answered Feb 25 by ebest IBO Specialist (77,100 points)
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I am using  ecwid  for creating a online store. You can start free and you can even have free starter site. You can add your store to your website and face book pages also. 

answered Feb 28 by iyengar IBO Master (8,300 points)
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I have tried WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce.  Shopify and Bigcommerce are running a close race as my favorites.  I did not care for WooCommerce.
answered Mar 6 by pksnyder IBO Guru (1,440 points)
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For me shopify is better but is has a monthly subscription fee.

If you are a One Piece Anime and Manga Fans please check my shopify store:
answered Nov 11 by One Piece (340 points)

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