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How do you get people on your e-list to buy from you?

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asked Mar 8, 2017 in Marketing Lists by ebest IBO Specialist (82,620 points)

1 Answer

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You can have a list as long as your arm but no-one is going to buy from you unless it is a targeted list. By that I mean your ads must be relevant to the niche that your list is interested in.

No good trying to sell cosmetic products if the people on your list originally signed up dog training. (as an example)

So whatever you are marketing, must be relevant. But don't bombard them with emails several times a week. They will either unsubscribe or just delete your emails. Give them something for free. Nurture your list. Then occasionally send them an ad with something you want them to buy. You have to gain their trust before they will start buying from you.

Here is a free course for you on how to sell affiliate products. It might help.

Get it here.

Best wishes,

Robert Morgan

answered Apr 13, 2017 by bobbo IBO Guru (2,760 points)
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Thanks B-2 You, CHEERS!!
Thank you very much for alerting me to this. We'll be looking into this problem.
Thanks again for raising the issue. The errors have now been fixed.
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