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What is the most significant trend in Internet marketing today?

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asked Mar 8, 2017 in Internet Advertising by ebest IBO Specialist (82,620 points)

4 Answers

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The most significant trend is the explosion of the Smartphone user and how they are changing the way the internet is being used.

An Internet Marketer must now have A Solid Digital Marketing Strategy which includes

Good SEO (even more so)

Mobile Friendly Sites

An Interactive APP that will engage and drive traffic to their site.

A Strong Social Media Presence

A Blog with strong content
answered Mar 16, 2017 by Mixter IBO Guru (3,390 points)
selected Sep 2, 2017 by ebest
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Automated income in any way or form is the growing trend as more and more people want to do less to earn.
answered Mar 21, 2017 by 4wizzkids IBO Guru (1,960 points)
I'm seeing a lot of this too.  It's a great way to save time but connecting with your network personally is still extremely important. Those time saving tools definitely play an important role in online business giving you more time for helping people.
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The widespread use of mobile devices to work online is one of the biggest changes, I agree.  Another huge change is the shift to using alternative currencies like Bitcoins for buying and selling advertising.
answered May 18, 2017 by mellisa (420 points)
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I just learned about something that is happening in internet marketing and it has to do with reaching those customers directly on their cell phones. Sending out notifications that direct android phone users to a sales page, website or social media page is working really well. Mobile marketing is what I see trending right now.
answered Jun 11, 2017 by lauriekay IBO Guru (3,310 points)

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