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Is it true that the top Internet marketing gurus make a million dollars a year or more?

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asked Mar 8, 2017 in Internet Marketing Tools by ebest IBO Specialist (82,620 points)
Its really hard to know for sure how much guru's really make, often times they will exaggerate in order to get people paying attention to them as an authority. It seems that most successful people online are bloggers who use pinterest for traffic, you will be surprised at how many people on youtube make millions a year so it is the ones you least suspect that actually make the most money on the web.

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Yes it is true.

The difference is that they outlay 1 million to make 3 million.

Money does indeed help to make more money.

A business with no investment, is not a business.  It is a charity waiting for handouts.
answered Mar 21, 2017 by 4wizzkids IBO Guru (1,960 points)
selected Sep 2, 2017 by ebest
I agree 100%! Way too many people think they can just hop online and earn a huge income with no investment on their part!
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 Yes it is true.  I follow several that have documented their whole journey and still do.  One thing that my mentor has said over and over again is "if you surround yourself with 5 millionaires, you will be the 6th."  I am sure we all know how important it is to surround yourself with the right people.  People that encourage you and bring you up and not cut you down. 

Another thing is mind set.  You have to believe you can do it. One thing I have learned is to be careful of who you tell your dreams to.  The people closest to you (friends and family) WILL BE the first to get in your face and tell you that it is impossible.  I think the reason they do this is because they don't have the courage to go after their dreams.  It is sad, but very few people ever do. 

You also have to jump (as Steve Harvey says).  You have to take that leap of faith and just do it.  It is very scary but you will not achieve your dreams by staying in your comfort zone. As I have read (don't remember where so I can reference it) "success is on the other side of fear." 

If you haven't seen Steve Harvey talk about jumping, here is 2 videos.  The first one is short - 2 minutes and the second one he didn't realize the cameras where still on, it is really good but it is 6 min long. If you have the time, watch it.

Steve Harvey short video

Steve Harvey long video

answered Mar 8, 2017 by pksnyder IBO Guru (1,540 points)
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A million dollar per year should well be within the limit of a true internet guru. The true guru tends to have huge list that are responsive  to the request or suggestions of the gurus online. Gurus also tends to have lots of funds to invest on massive advertising along with have several joint ventures with other top marketers online
answered Mar 10, 2017 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)
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I agree with Steve Harvey

Absolutely yes, the caverat being that you have to be in the right marketing programme, following mentors who have done that

Personally I know around half a dozen or so who have achieved that, within that group there are around 50% who are double or treble millionaires

You hang around them, you become the next!
answered Mar 20, 2017 by davehayes IBO Guru (1,580 points)
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Yes it is true and i have found some who did.Eben Pagan is one of them. Ever heard of him before?

He is a superb internet digital guru who made over $100 millions in 15 years and i am opportuned to learn a lot from him.

The issue is everyone of these guys started just like we are and kept building their business and got information on how to build.

Next, they paid for what they wanted most by consulting the best in their industries too and paid the price for it.Something MOST INTERNET MARKETERS OF TODAY are not ready to pay.

There is always a thin line between the successful and the failures, between the rich and the poor and that thin line is ability to get information on what we want to have in our lives. That is the secret.

Some information may cost thousands and some few dollars, but yet some will never pursue it to their failure.
answered Jun 4, 2017 by Yeshua IBO Guru (2,600 points)

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