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Have you tried Rebrandable traffic yet. If so how did you like it.

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asked Oct 10, 2016 in IBO platform questions by WhitneyJaqueline IBO Specialist (31,010 points)

8 Answers

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NO , Not yet !
answered Oct 10, 2016 by asstanic (190 points)
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I have used rebrandable Traffic. It does drive leads but with anything you have to be consistent and give it a good 60 day run. I teach my team to use it along with other marketing methods. You need to at least try it. You may find it very profitable.
answered Oct 10, 2016 by bigticketguy IBO Guru (1,850 points)
What? Try it for 60 days? How much traffic do you send in 60 days? How much money?
I have worked with Redirected traffic and I have paid as low as $8
for 1000 visitors what you would ultimately want to do if you have a budget is get 5000 visitors to which are on sale for $15 so for a $30 investment you can see what numbers you get and what your conversion ratio is. For my peticular program I want 100 optins in which 3 will convert and with email drips and live calls I can see more coming in over a month or 2 period.

Thanks for the question really made me have to be more clear Cbeachbum
So you are saying you can get 10k clicks/visitors for $30?

You also said you want 100 opt ins.

Did you get 100 opt ins from your 8 dollar investment to get those 1000 visitors?

That's only a 10 percent opt in rate...

Like the other poster said he got the traffic but nothing converted.

Could it be bot traffic?

This is the real question if others have used the traffic but its not good quality.

What are your numbers specifically using this traffic?

And I think you just misspelled rebrandable traffic because you said redirected traffic. That's a whole different type of traffic...
Please clarify
We are receiving traffic from various sources and partnerships around the globe. Most of our active source partners and locations are listed below (on bottom) in the "Active Traffic Includes" section of our site. The volume, sources, and origin of the traffic we receive varies from day to day if not hour by hour. This dynamic nature of the traffic might show up as "spurts" of traffic sent to your site when running campaigns.

We call it this because you can actually "brand" this traffic by changing the "referral" (where the traffic came from) of the visitor. When traffic comes into our servers, we have the technology to modify the traffic to look like it came from whatever URL you setup in your campaign (Traffic Origin URL). For example, if I put "" as the origin URL in my campaign, when I looked at the traffic via a tracking utility such as Google Analytics, that traffic would show up as coming from "". Thus rebranding it...

Because you can resell this traffic to your own customers. Your customers would see this traffic as coming from you (or whatever you entered in the Origin URL of your campaign). Your customers would NOT see anything showing Rebrandable Traffic. The ability to Rebrand this traffic as your own creates the opportunity to become your own traffic sales company.

If you are using the traffic for your own websites etc... then the Origin URL is pointless. You can keep it as default "".
TIP: You could change the ORIGIN URL in your campaign to track different campaigns with Google Analytics. PPC/Contextual

   Google Adwords

Media Networks

   Microsoft Ad Network
   Tribal Fusion
   Rubicon Project
   FOX Networks
   Casale Media
   Right media (Yahoo)
   Burst Media
   Matomy Media
   Xtend Media
   Glam Media
   Vibrant Media
   Tremor Media
   Traffic Marketplace
   Specific Media
   Tatto Media
   Technorati Media
Social Networks

   Facebook Ads
   My Ads
   POF Ads
   Reddit Ads
   LinkedIn Ads

In-Text Advertising

   Snap LinkAds

Mobile Ad Networks

   Millenial Media

   Traffic Vance
   Lead Impact
   Direct CPV



Category (Gaming)

   Mochi Media
   Game Advertising
Ad Networks

   CBS Interactive
   OpenX Ad Marketplace


   Reseau Select
   Canoe Klix
   Hola Networks
   Hi Media
   Pamoja Media
   SHE Network
   Traffic Synergy
   Accelerator Media
   Specific Media
   Global Interactive
I have purchased traffic from this source and I will run traffic for a 5-10 opt ins off of 1-2k visitors ...
I also drive traffic from other sources.
All together my goals are to drive 100 opt-ins daily.

That's what I do, do you have any  suggestions of traffic you sound like you are skilled in driving traffic ... g'day mate
5-10 opt ins off of 1-2k visitors

Is a .005 or a half of one percent opt in.

Wow that's bad.

So its the offer or the traffic.

If you pay 8 dollars for 1k you're paying a buck 60 an opt in.

And if you get 3 to convert you need to make 160 dollars on those 3 sales to break even.
On a product that pays me $250 - $1000 I would think is good... could be better and it has with other traffic sources that $180 investment created a $6500 dollar sale. thanks Cbeachbum for your input
One more thing since I did a review that may have not been very clear,
but here is a post I found that will give you better numbers
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NO , Not yet !

I have my own website for getting targeted viral traffic:

answered Oct 11, 2016 by ebest IBO Specialist (83,860 points) 1 flag
So what are your results since you posted your traffic source in a question about a totally different traffic source.

What are your numbers?

What are you paying for clicks and what are your conversions?

Opt in conversions and sale conversions?

If you're going to hijack this thread you might as well add some value
And not just promote (nicer word than I wanted to use) your link.
Why did I get flagged?

Because I asked why you spammed this thread with a link to a completley different traffic source than this question was about?
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I have tried it several times. Traffic is okay, but I question the quality of traffic.
answered Oct 18, 2016 by Oklahomaflash (890 points)
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Although my results were minimal from the traffic provided at RT, I do love the traffic statistic the platform provides for the traffic received to my campaign and also I love the platform as it relates to the traffic commission it provides from traffic package sold on the platform in question.
answered Oct 18, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)
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Not yet but is on my plans to use to soon

My recommendation in ths kind of services, like Solo Ads, is to send traffic to a capture page and not to an affiliate offer or product you are trying to sell.

Other think, always use a trackign system for your links to track how many links you get.
answered Oct 22, 2016 by espeas2001 IBO Specialist (15,370 points)
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I have used RT multiple times. I like the fact they give you the IP addresses of visitors and the links they click on your page. However, my site stats do not match my stats at my server and the links clicked do not match the traffic counted at my affiliate program sites so I am beginning to even question the traffic. I know IBO now owns RT so I may give it another shot to see if they are even close to matching. If not, I will not purchase traffic there again after that.
answered Oct 27, 2016 by surveypro IBO Guru (1,530 points)
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Yes have used it and still do, the amounts of traffic are impressive, and you always get notified when you need to top up the credits

Not the cheapest of sites for advertising, but good money's worth
answered Sep 17, 2018 by gray48 IBO Master (6,770 points)

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