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Why Is Marketing Important To A Business?

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asked Mar 25, 2017 in Internet Marketing Tools by ebest IBO Specialist (82,640 points)

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Marketing is the SOUL of any business and it is important to know about it. Marketing is NOT ALL ABOUT SELLING products or services to people. it is about COMMUNICATION and how it is presented. It is about HOW
Marketing is entangled into different concepts and form the generality of what marketing is all about.
Marketing also encompasses the advertising section of a business, and how you advertise your business products and services are all wrapped up in marketing.
Marketing is the sector by which the success of your business lies. In fact, it is the PILLAR by which it stands to succeed.
Sales are not visible without it, because it is in marketing that sales are anchored, so it is very paramount to understand ALL there is to marketing in business to succeed.

Advertising is never possible without marketing and there is no way people can ever be aware of your offering nor sales be made without it. period.
answered Jun 4, 2017 by Yeshua IBO Guru (2,600 points)
selected Aug 26, 2017 by ebest
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Without marketing you will simply not develop the necessary cash flow to keep the doors open.  You absolutely must have customers coming into the business.  Without those paying customers, where will the money come from to pay the bills?  Unless you have really deep pockets the only source of funds to pay the overhead comes from customers, that's it.  Their money pays for the production of your products to sell and the markup is what is left to pay overhead.
answered Mar 28, 2017 by tpmoseley (220 points)
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In support of what tpmoseley said, your business really wont develop and grow properly without a effective marketing strategy. I notice a trend where as soon as I detour from my marketing strategy, my sales are  dramatically affected so this concept is very important to maintain.
answered Mar 29, 2017 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)

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