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Mac or PC , which do you prefer?

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Which do you prefer and why?

asked Apr 11, 2017 in Other Questions by ToddTreharne IBO Specialist (54,040 points)

4 Answers

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PC. Have yet to give MAC a go yet me wife is looking into such probability.

answered Apr 16, 2017 by EricGuvNC3 IBO Guru (2,140 points)
Cheers!!! Thanks for the input!
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I have used both type of computer and while I really do love the quality graphics on the mac computer most of my time have been spent using windows PC. As such I will say windows as it have worked well for me over the years..

If in the feature I personally own a mac as I do windows, then my opinion may differ then.
answered Apr 18, 2017 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,570 points)
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I have always had PC's and will continue as such. The only thing Apple I have had is an iPad. I find it very confusing and cumbersome and only use it for things like Instagram that I can not do on my PC (however I now have a program that I can post there on my PC) So I say PC all the way :)
answered Apr 24, 2017 by Chris Shouse IBO Specialist (42,170 points)
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The best computers I ever used were dual-boot Macs. Best of both worlds. Hella expensive though.

Personally I prefer Windows, because I grew up with it, and the OS makes sense to me. I prefer the way the files are organized, among other things.

It really, really depends on what you plan to use it for. Do research, talk to people at MicroCenter, and work through your budget. Chances are that whichever you choose will end up working well for you.

answered Sep 29, 2017 by ebest IBO Specialist (81,420 points)

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