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What is the Best Free Autoresponder for Beginners?

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I want to start listbuilding but wondered if it is possible to do for free and if so how big can I grow a list of subscribers before having to pay for a service. Just interested in free autoresponders that you have personally tried.
asked Jun 11, 2017 in Internet Marketing Tools by lauriekay IBO Guru (3,330 points)

4 Answers

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Awesome question

Look I´ve had tried several of them, and yes some times is difficult to pay for one when you are brand new on all of this internet marketing thing.

Look I have written several ebooks that you can download for free, you can find them at me website here:

I do specially recommend you to read the following ebooks:

List building ninja

The 5 killing mistakes you make with your sales funnels

Fast traffic Ninja

Email profit magician

Now on regards you answer these are my recommendations:


Free PHP Script,  I use this script from leadsleap and write down a free and illustrated guide to know how to installe it - Of course I can help with this if you want (Free, no fees ever, runs on your own server)


Aweber - $1 for first month then $19/month

Get response - 1rst month free - Then $14/month

Rapid Response  $25 for first 6 months

Looks please contact me if you need assistance on any of them, really.

Please tell me what niche is your business on, what topic would you like to talk about to your subscribers?

the answers will help you get your follow up sequence organized.

Well I hope this could help. 


Hector Jayat

answered Jun 12, 2017 by espeas2001 IBO Specialist (15,380 points)
selected Jun 20, 2017 by lauriekay
Thank you so much, this is really helpful information I will check in to it. Have a wonderful day.
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As a beginner myself to list building, the thought of learning learning how to use a Autoresponder daunting

List wire is the only Autoresponder I could find on the web, quoted as the only true FREE Autoresponder and according to the owner going to remain Free

I did try Get response for a short while, but found it not as helpful for someone new to using a email capturing & list building system

answered Jun 14, 2017 by gray48 IBO Master (6,820 points)
Thanks for sharing your experience, I appreciate it.
1 like 0 dislike is free for new business and one I have been using for sometime

There is also Which is free and advertised as always free No upgrade
answered Jun 27, 2017 by gray48 IBO Master (6,820 points)
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It's a good thing you ask such question as a newbie. When I started as a newbie I made up my mind to avoid spending much without making money but I did not really know where to get a free Autoresponder service, I kept searching until I found  I tried it out for just a month but still wasn't satisfied with few things about it although it's 100% free. 

I Then stumbled on Autoresponder Service although not free,  it charges a fixed monthly subscription fee of  $17.95, I tried out the 30 days free trial period and found it's absolutely a perfect and very reliable service for both newbies and established marketers, I eas very satisfied with it and I'm still very satisfied using their services till today. You can try it out for 30 days free, no credit card details are required and if you are not satisfied the service after 30 days you are very free to opt out but I can guarantee you will like it. It has all features of a standard autoresponder service for a very small fixed monthly fee, Just GO HERE and try it out. 

To Your Success.

You can give a feedback on

answered Jun 28, 2017 by Ub9ce (160 points)

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