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How do i use my points and for what? Please help!

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asked Jun 15, 2017 in IBO platform questions by Coetseetjie (220 points)

2 Answers

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What points do you mean? I've look on all the pages at IBO, and am unable to find any reference to points

Have you tried clicking on the "Help" button over on the left hand side on the main IBO page?

answered Jun 28, 2017 by gray48 IBO Guru (4,480 points)
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Hello, Friend

By points are you referring to credits if so they are used for advertising your business, with either banners or Text advertising. In regards to points I"m not sure of any IBO Points I think you need to be more specific. I will check back for your reply,
answered Aug 12, 2017 by MichelleD IBO Guru (3,240 points)

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