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What are the effective On page SEO techniques

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There are so many SEO on page techniques and which leads get a placement of high rank in google .The best seo services are also wanted for better result

asked Jun 17 in Internet Marketing Tools by cedarsoft (150 points)

2 Answers

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To me the most effective on page SEO techniques include, having a "micro-niche" as a topic. Then providing as much information about that topic, search engines algorithms need relevant keywords but also social media interactions is very important. Google, Bing and Yahoo want to know that your webpage is something that people are sharing on the web and spending time on. Other areas that is seeing a increase in rankings is content that is focused on "local" content, If you write for those searching for information in their local town or city then your SEO efforts will be successful.
answered Jun 20 by lauriekay IBO Guru (2,340 points)
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You can use Woorank or Seositecheckup for analysing your website, webshop SEO onsite issues then fix them. According to Google optimizing for mobile is not enough - your website need to have higher than 80% speed score on Google speed check.
answered Jun 21 by beyond11 IBO Guru (4,340 points)

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