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What Are The Best Ways To Fund a Business?

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I have been introduced to several business opportunities online, some I am really interested in joining, the only issue is that I don't have the start-up money. How do I get the funds so that I can pay for the various one time and monthly memberships? Do you have a way to earn quick cash to fund your online business?
asked Jun 25, 2017 in Business Opportunity by lauriekay IBO Guru (3,310 points)

5 Answers

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You must do your homework or due diligence before joining any company. Some costs of doing business online are inevitable, but others can be lessened or eliminated by making wise choices. Remember that joining other opportunities are just that, someone else's idea and business. What you really need is your own website and business if you want to have any control over your online endeavours. My company for example gives you everything you need to succeed online, as in, all the tools and more, and a platform to launch any and all your ideas from, without any added costs.

In fact with just one referral you eliminate any monthly costs and have access to everything you need, to operate a successful business online. Check my profile for more info.....

answered Jun 26, 2017 by thethrash IBO Specialist (31,440 points)
Okay thank you, I will check it out right now. I appreciate your comment and introducing me to a really good company. Have a great day.
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Well, the best way to find a business. To me, all depends on your financial situation. There's always the option of having a yard sale to get rid of some stuff. That you no longer want anymore.

If you do not want to have a yard sale, then I suggest that you take those same unwanted items. To a local pawn shop in your area and just pawn them and get the money.  Now if you have no other source of income.

And if you have a valid driver license then I would suggest driving. For Lyft or Uber for that matter to make some extra money. On the other hand, if you have a source of income through your job.

After paying all your bills and purchasing enough groceries for the week. Whatever money you have left put it to the side. Until you have all the funds, you need to join that business opportunity.

The last thing that you may. Have to do at the end of the day is find something that is more affordable. For you to get started in, of course, this is after you have done your due diligence on the company you're looking to join.

 By all means, please make sure that you check for any signs of corporate leadership on the site of whatever company that you're seeking to join. Usually, you can find out about the leadership of the business on it's about us page. Once you know this information, you want to google any leaders that you find.

To see if they have any presence on social media. This information alone lets you know that there are real people behind that business. Now if you do not see anything.

In regards to whom. The leaders or the board of directors are of the company. Is typically a sign that that business isn't the business opportunity for you.

answered Jul 14, 2017 by TyRenee IBO Guru (1,180 points)
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First of all, it's gonna take a steady stream of income coming in to keep your business running. Don't just think of the start-up cash, but also the amount of money it's gonna take to keep it going.

If you don't have a job, consider getting one. Find a way to do side jobs consistently. There a hundreds and hundreds of businesses that hire at home workers. Considering doing taks for money i.e. Task Rabbit, mystery shopping assignments (the ones that pay well).

Hope this helps!
answered Apr 28, 2018 by crisstar IBO Guru (1,100 points)
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I started my online business when I retired 18 years ago and I made an agreement with my wife, that I would not take money from our Social Security income to finance my adventure. I am still keeping that promise.

I started by clicking ads and viewing them for pennies, then graduated to promoting those activities to get referrals that added their clicking to mine. It was not long until I had enough to pay the subscriptions to tools to make my promoting more productive and added more to my income from getting referrals to use the same tools I was.

Now there is even a free website to learn how:
answered Apr 28, 2018 by oldbuddy IBO Guru (4,030 points)
I hear Crowd Funding is way of gaining money, but I've never used it so unsure how it work and if you have to pay money back at some point
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I think this opportunity might be one of the answers to Your project/business idea funding problems:
answered May 22, 2018 by cerberus IBO Guru (1,490 points)

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