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What is the biggest mistake you have made in your online business journey? What did you learn from it?

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asked Jul 4 in Mentorship/Training by ToddTreharne IBO Specialist (49,170 points)

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The biggest mistake that I have. Made within my online business was not educating myself on the ins and outs of this industry. Before joining any business opportunity. Therefore the lesson that I learned.

From that particular mistake was to get myself some serious skills. Before buying into the no experience required myth again.

The second mistake that I made. Was following and listening to the wrong people "so-called gurus." I learned that you have to get people to put their money where their mouths are. If you cannot show me any proof of your results, then you're not what you say you are. And you're not worth following or listening to for that matter.

answered Jul 14 by TyRenee IBO Guru (1,120 points)
selected Jul 14 by ToddTreharne
Thank you so much for sharing TyRenee! This will help someone for sure!
It was my pleasure, Todd. I am glad to have the opportunity to be able to help someone.
I can relate. When I was on my journey to build an online business,I didn't do my research,and I blew close to 1k on a so-called expert who never taught me anything,but just sold me tool after tool.
I mean she didn't even mention something as basic as email marketing.
It was a bumpy ride.But I learned to be more careful.
Way to stay with it sard!
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Well, when it come to online business, i have mastered that in order to succeed, you have to have a serious mentor to look up to and duplicate the step that they took to getting exactly where they are. However, if at all this is not achieved, believe in yourself and know that "If it has to happen, its you to make it" so work your own way to success.

I have always tried to rely on unhelpful up lines not until i obtained a new up line and he is really a good one so i have also learnt every step that he takes to making more money online.
answered Aug 12 by Sekumar (910 points)

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