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How can i improve the keyword positions of my website?

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Mine is a Real Estate website  "ASSET Homes ". Even after all the regualr basis SEO works..I am finding difficulty in improving the keywords of my site. Please do tell me suggestions regarding my website for improving my keyword positions.

asked Jul 11, 2017 in Internet Marketing Tools by assethomes (350 points)

2 Answers

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If you're going to bother tracking your keyword rankings in search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, make sure you're focusing on the right keywords for your website. Too often, people short-change keyword research (assuming they know what keywords their audience is using) or rely too heavily on free, third-party keyword suggestion tools.
The problem with these third-party tools? They're not personalized. They return the same general, popular keywords to everyone, so you have no competitive edge, and no way of knowing how truly relevant they are to your business.
The solution is to base your keyword list on real, private data. Using WordStream for keyword research, you'll be able to leverage your own website data to form a keyword database that is:
When your keyword list is derived from the actual keywords that real people have used to find your site, you know they're relevant to you. Plus, you'll know which keywords are driving the most traffic and conversions. Public keyword tools can only provide vague estimates that are useless when it comes to real search marketing decision-making. Check for essay writing service reviews

answered Jul 12, 2017 by belitakin123 (160 points)
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To increase the keyword ranking, you must come up with a better SEO strategy and optimize your website. To do this the better idea is to consult digital marketing service providers. Vadizen Technologies, is one of the best digital marketing providers in Kochi Kerala. And they are capable of satisfying their clients

answered Mar 7 by ancyjaison93 (240 points)

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