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Are Most Internet Marketers Holding Back Their Best Traffic Sources?

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Even though there are many marketers that will share their traffic sources with you I often wonder if they are really giving the best traffic sources or are they really holding back. Unless this will help fatten their bottom line what is the benefit for them to give you the keys to the kingdom?
asked Jul 28, 2017 in Marketing Lists by ezprofitsguy (690 points)

2 Answers

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I don't hold back from my subscribers. I tell them my best sources and show them why they are the best.
answered Jul 28, 2017 by builder70 (480 points)
selected Jul 28, 2017 by ezprofitsguy
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I think they just want to sell their older lists to monitize them.
answered Jul 28, 2017 by larryt (190 points)