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I am looking for a business opp to go well with the travel field, any ideas?

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I want to expand my offerings to the travel and destination wedding clientele I have presently.  I am wanting to get advice or ideas on an affiliate I can partner with that would fit well in the travel field arena - something that would be used/needed/wanted while traveling.  Thank you, in advance, for any opinions.  :)
asked Aug 12 in Business Opportunity by SouthernBusinessGirl (190 points)

4 Answers

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Hi, I know of a area that would fit well in with your clients.  Contact me for more details to see if you feel it's a great fit.
answered Aug 15 by lanayl (200 points)
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Hello, I have a possible solution to your quest for adding something to go with your travel site. I also am a travel professional and have been since 2007. Last September, I came upon a solution to my quest in also wanting to add something to  help promote  my travel business. Please check out the following link and if I can be of any assistance to you,please feel free to email me and I will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. Good luck in your search. My link is: We actually give this product away to enhance our business.


Judy Allen a/k/a JustJade

answered Aug 16 by JustJade (210 points)
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Would a wine club be of interest? I mean, it is lovely to have a choice of red or white wine to enjoy in a hotel. Of course I do understand if one does not want to drink per se. However many would love to have wine delivered to their rooms upon arrival.

So I am with a company that has case lot pricing if a small business wants to include the wine in their array of services. Please check out, which goes to my site which explains and has links to the company providing the wine, which is different every month and comes from all over the world.
answered Aug 28 by bbargains (230 points)
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If your looking to partner in travel take a look at this opportunity

David Joyce

answered Aug 28 by davidtjoyce (240 points)

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