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What makes you not give up on Internet Marketing? Whether it's Affiliate or MLM. What keeps you going?

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asked Aug 12, 2017 in IBO platform questions by MichelleD IBO Guru (3,240 points)
Good question worth asking.

1 Answer

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When it comes to Internet marketing, the thing is winners never quit and quitters never win! When someone gives up on this industry, it means he or she has totally failed. I have always been encouraged by my up line team members never to quit even though situations could tend to be too bad with no money showing up in my wallet.

With that advise taken, I kept on doing all their recommendations and now am smiling seeing everything is working out at minimal cost or zero, something i have never imagined it will ever happen.

NEVER EVER GIVE UP!......Has kept me moving on.
answered Aug 12, 2017 by Sekumar (910 points)
selected Aug 12, 2017 by MichelleD

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