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Podcasts- Do they work for you and how do you use them?

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I've never used these and frankly- I don't really know anything about them. They always struck me as a bit of an oddity without much real benefit. If anyone is geting SEO/ranking benefits from podcasting- please share! I am ALWAYS interested in anything SEO-related.
asked Oct 11, 2016 in Mentorship/Training by CryptoCat IBO Master (8,130 points)

5 Answers

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I've never used podasts but I'd sure like to learn more about them. I recently bought an iPhone 6 so I imagine it'll make it much easier to do. I don't know of any SEO increase as a result of them, but then again I never researched them either. Great question, I wish I could of been more of a help. Whit
answered Oct 11, 2016 by WhitneyJaqueline IBO Specialist (30,970 points)
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The answer is YES!!!

The formats that are used are MP3, MP4, text and PDF, and you can use any portable handheld device or your PC to receive the various Podcasts that you subscribe to.

A Podcast is created when an MP3 file is made and sent to a client or server which can be then converted into an XML format. The Podcast is published through common internet servers and can be uploaded to various blog sites and community areas for people to see. It costs nothing to make or receive Podcasts and can also be described as a visual text message that you receive daily or hourly.

To find and download podcasts, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the iTunes program on your desktop or laptop computer
  2. Click the iTunes Store button
  3. In the iTunes Store, click the Music menu in the right-hand column and then select Podcasts for the drop down beneath it
  4. This is the front page of the podcasts section of iTunes. You can search for shows by name or topic here in the same way you would search for anything else iniTunes. You can also browse the recommendations on the front page, select the Categories drop-down on the right to filter by topic, or click into the charts and features
  5. Once you've found a podcast you're interested in, click on it
  6. On the podcast's page, you'll see information about it and a list of all the episodes available. To stream the episode, click the play button to the left of the episode. To download an episode, click the Get button on the right
  7. Once the episode has downloaded, click the My Podcasts menu and double click the episode you want to listen to.

 I hope this helps :)

answered Oct 11, 2016 by ebest IBO Specialist (79,000 points)
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I have never used a podcast in my business marketing but i do subscribe to a number of podcasts about MLM, personal development and business in  general.As subscriber marketers creating content on podcasts are generating leads and cultivating deeper connections with their listeners. I think podcasts are the next big thing to videos.

Why i love them is because they are:

1.dowloaded audio files to listen to on the move.

2.They are on demand content with a target audience.

3.Voice of the presenter gives that deeper connection with his listeners.It's like listening to your favorite Dj. 

4.Great for developing your speaking skills if you are camera shy

5.You become a good communicator that leads to speaking opportunities

For further readings on this subject check out this article and hope you will enjoy it.   

answered Oct 11, 2016 by quidec IBO Master (6,770 points)
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While podcast have seem to be a trending thing now a days, I am still yet to get around to trying one out as yet. Hope to do this soon thou in the near future
answered Oct 19, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,210 points)
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I know they seem to have a certain cache to them, a pretty loyal community, though I have yet to use them or even subscribe or listen in to them. I have been more the conferencing webinar avenue and really like that! Great question!
answered Dec 5, 2016 by ToddTreharne IBO Specialist (51,640 points)

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