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I am an affiliate marketing, I am doing a web, can I buy commission gorilla v2 to increase sales?

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Commission Gorilla V2. Here is it for information.Can anybody give me advice about this tool?

asked Sep 9 in Internet Marketing Tools by Teresa

1 Answer

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1. Buy Targeted traffic

2. Get on YouTube – YouTube drives the most engaged traffic out of all social media sites, with an average of 2.99 pages per visit.

3. Fine-tune your follow-up process to maximize sales and attract more repeat business. Following up with your customers and subscribers using autoresponders (automated e-mails) is crucial to generating more sales as it often takes several contacts before someone buys from your site.

In your follow-up e-mails to new subscribers who haven't bought from you yet, you can restate your offer and ask for the sale again. Try sending an immediate follow-up after new subscribers sign up, giving them a reason to return to your site the same day they subscribe. You can test this against sending a follow-up three days after subscribers first visit your site to see which method works best.

answered Sep 11 by ebest IBO Specialist (75,950 points)
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