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Has anybody visited the Ranthambore National Park recently? Are there any tips?

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No doubt! Ranthambore forest is an awesome place you can't avoid if touring in Rajasthan. With having beautiful natural scenery in and around the Ranthambore National Park, you will get really an amazing serenity of mind away from the hectic life of any of the city you live in. Staying in some of the exotic resorts just around the forest will fill your mind with a new vigor and energy. My experience of the Ranthambore was really a fulfilling experience for the two reason - one is i had never been to any tiger reserve park before visiting the Ranthambore and the second is spending four days in such a tranquil location away from the busy and polluted city where i live was such an experience i can't describe. However, i have visited the forest in February 2017 when the weather was really pleasant and one can roam around the Ranthambore or embark on the jungle safari without any trouble by the weather side but in the summer things changes a lot so you have to prepare yourself before stepping out of your air-conditioned hotel room especially in the months of May and June.

Keep the below advises in mind before you go for the forest safari in Ranthambore-
1) Always wear full sleeve loose cotton clothing when go for safari or around the village sight seeing
2) A sun-glass is essential to protect your eyes from scorching sun-light and dust because when so many safari jeep moves on the dusty tracks of the forest there is dust everywhere.
3) A wide brim sun hat will be helpful to keep your head and forehead safe from sun rays and let you enjoy the scenery without any hindrance.
4) A high SPF Sunscreen is essential to keep your skin safe while outside in summer.
5) Plenty of water bottles is very essential while going for safari but don't forget to bring back the empty bottles out of the park.
6) Mosquito repellent cream or spray- It has nothing to do with weather or season as it is very necessary thing to carry with you in any season while you entering a forest.

Other than these things which are to combat the hot summer weather, you don't forget one more thing which often people forget to take while going for safari but later regret - a Binocular. It will really come in handy to see the tiger clearly when tiger gets spotted at a far distance.

To know more about the Ranthambore National Park visit:

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