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What things can I get from meditating?

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My pal has become driving me to participate in her present pastime of meditating therefore i was thinking if some of you might provide me with facts as to the benefits of meditation. What aspects of my entire life may possibly be swayed once I join? Can I undertake big character adjust?

asked Dec 8, 2017 in IBO platform questions by meditationbenefits (160 points)

4 Answers

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Meditation can take stress out of your life. It can also make things clearer when you have a problem. You can also go into meditation with a specific question in mind and find answers. Will this all happen at once? No just like every thing else in life it takes practice and consistency. Meditation can connect you to your higher self and the universe it is a beautiful feeling.
answered Dec 8, 2017 by Chris Shouse IBO Specialist (44,980 points)
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The health benefits one can achieve from meditation can be profound and life changing. It is a tremendous addition to your daily health regimen. You must incorporate it into your schedule, with regularity, on an ongoing basis, to get the full benefits of this age old practice. With Daily Meditation, once you learn to slow the mind, just about everything you do in life will become less stressful ;-)  and Consequently More Enjoyable ;-) and Your Health will Improve too!

answered Dec 12, 2017 by thethrash IBO Specialist (31,720 points)
It's absolutely right.

Meditation is the mental exercise of focusing all your attention, moment after moment, on the object of meditation. This can be your breath, an affirmation, visualization, mantra, anything. During the session, the effort is to keep bringing the attention back whenever it wanders, and to disengage it from being busy with other things.
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Meditation is relaxation. It is not about concentration, it’s actually about de-concentration. It’s not about focussing one’s thoughts on one thing, but instead on becoming thoughtless.

What are the benefits of meditation?

  • A calm mind
  • Good concentration
  • Better clarity
  • Improved communication
  • Relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and body

With meditation, the physiology undergoes a change and every cell in the body is filled with more prana (energy). This results in joy, peace, enthusiasm as the level of prana in the body increases.

On a physical level, meditation:

  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Lowers the levels of blood lactate, reducing anxiety attacks
  • Decreases any tension-related pain, such as, tension headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle and joint problems
  • Increases serotonin production that improves mood and behavior
  • Improves the immune system
  • Increases the energy level, as you gain an inner source of energy

Meditation makes you aware - that your inner attitude determines your happiness.

answered Dec 16, 2017 by ebest IBO Specialist (83,860 points)

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