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How do you make the most out of being selected as Featured member of the Day on IBOTOOLBOX?

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​Congratulations! You have been selected FMOTD- Now how do you maximize that?

asked Dec 28, 2017 in IBO platform questions by ToddTreharne IBO Specialist (56,280 points)

1 Answer

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Hello Todd this is such a great question because I have been following the many members who are featured each day and I notice that they all have the same things in common. Mostly in that they participate regularly on the IBO platform. Like you mentioned being featured gives each member a chance to be seen by a large number of people. That is why I think it is important to have your business links on your profile so that people can easily follow you and learn more about your business opportunity. Social media is another great place to let others know about this special day. Wishing you continued success.
answered Mar 5, 2018 by lauriekay IBO Guru (3,330 points)

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