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Can Anyone Here Say Definitively That They Have Grown Their Business Using IBO?

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I recently read an IBO Press Release in which the Author suggested that growing your business with IBO
is not possible because every member on the platform is only promoting their own opportunity.

What are your thoughts and can you offer example of any leads, prospects or customers you got
through using any of the IBO resources?
asked Feb 1, 2018 in IBO platform questions by Yvonne

3 Answers

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Yes, I have not only made many friends here at IBO but great partnerships. I have joined some programs and have had many join mine. As far as outside people generated by Google I have seen no evidence of that.  I value the friendships I have made within IBO they alone are worth belonging to iBO.
answered Feb 4, 2018 by Chris Shouse IBO Specialist (43,760 points)
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I have been here at IBO since 2012 and I have made many partnerships and friendships. The great thing about IBO is everyone might have their own business but when you all interact and share each others content then we are seen all over the internet and will get business from outside of IBO. So don't just advertise your own business. Make a nice profile and set yourself up with content that people can share about you and then go out there and share and comment on others content and you will be rewarded.
answered Feb 22, 2018 by missessm IBO Guru (1,300 points)
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I have been here since 2014. I begin my day here and end my day here with a lot of participation throughout the day. It was touch and go for my business until I understood how to use IBO. I have experienced tremendous growth since then. The PR's available to read and learn from is probably what I appreciate the most. It takes time to get established and gain credibility on IBO, but that is good because that means everyone has done the same. There is a lot of opportunity here just in developing contacts. There are people on this platform that I recommend. IBO is a network and I think the best one on the internet.
answered Mar 1, 2018 by Mixter IBO Guru (3,390 points)

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