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What are the differences between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing?

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Traditional Marketing is the way to promote the product by using Newspaper, TV, Magazine..... high investment but results are uncheckable. Digital Marketing is a marketing the product by using the Intenet(Online channels) Facebook, Emails, SMS, Search Engine Optimization, Adwords & so.on and investment is very low and results are checkable. Know more by visiting
asked Feb 8, 2018 in Business Opportunity by Yogesh Sashi

2 Answers

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In the very short time that internet marketing has been used. I see a great amount of advancement among business owners who see the value in using digital marketing to reach potential customers online. Social media has really opened up channels for companies to brand themselves and build a following of subscribers and repeat business. The ideas that someone can create a sustainable business using a website and a smartphone really shows how far things have grown from traditional marketing such as newspapers and magazines. Although direct selling methods are useful it is just a piece of the puzzle and as mentioned earlier a "formula". Having diversity and multiple ways to market a business online and offline is what allows for consistency and success in the long-term.
answered Mar 5, 2018 by lauriekay IBO Guru (3,310 points)
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Traditional marketing is anything except digital means to brand your product or logo. Another overlooked means of traditional marketing is when people find a particular business through a referral or a network and eventually you build a rapport with them.
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answered Apr 7, 2018 by DK Gupta IBO Master (6,650 points)

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