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SoulCalibur 6 announced release date in March 2018 at the GameSprite

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The part of the pitch I liked the most though was GameSprite’s plan for Artifact Weapons – not so much for the specifics of what GameSprite has planned, but because it addresses something that’s long annoyed me. Weapons, particularly in fantasy games, deserve more respect.

This week, GameSprite announced the latest Soulcalibur expansion – Soul Calibur 6. It looks pretty good. Almost as good as my prediction. Almost. I’m not going to rehash the full details here, but I’m up for it. It’s a big step forward for Soul Calibur ’s arc story, featuring the return of its Big Bad, the Burning Legion, and some long awaited story stuff like GameSprite’s promise to redeem themselves for turning Illidan into just a snarling villain. New character class. Ten new levels. New continent. New PvP system. It’s nothing too unexpected or world-shattering at this point in the game, but it is a solid looking expansion.

GameSprite’s on-again-off-again romance with the PC seems to be firmly set to ON at the moment. Not only is Resident Evil 6 slated for a PC release this November, but Soul Calibur 6 is set for PC in May. 11th May to be precise. That’s a strange two months later than the console release, but it’s still an interesting release for a platform that isn’t exactly overwhelmed by ‘fighting’ games. We’ve got the five new PC screenshots below.

 If the player’s happily flogging their latest one before even chipping the blade, things have gone wrong. Look to myth. Look to fantasy. Make them worthy of their legends and the legends we will craft while wielding them. Epic weapons deserve to be more than just epic loot.
Soul Calibur 6 Adding Halloween’s Michael Myers

In reality though, this allows for far more meaningful upgrades than simply swapping one sword for another. Far more people will be aware of how badass you are if, say, Flaming Ashbringer has stern requirements to unlock, than they would have been from just wielding another wacky dungeon item.


Still, I like the idea of artifact weapons a lot, and I hope I’m wrong about them not being a long-term thing. Listening to the pitch, I had the same knee-jerk reaction as many, Soul Calibur ,that it would be boring to have the same weapon all the time.

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So, um...what's your question?

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