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Yingkou ChangSheng Steel Structure Project Co., Ltd

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A professional Rolling Forming Machine manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated steel buildings and Forming Machine, Cold Roll Forming Machine in China, Yingkou Changsheng Steel Structure Project Company Ltd. was founded in 2003. We have a much experience in producing superior roll forming machine with great efficiency and highly accuracy. Our products can produce steel pieces used in roof panels and wall panels, for example, and they are all environmentally friendly.


No.22, XiangYangLouLi, Gongye Street, Zhanqian District, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, China


Moible Phone / Whatsup/ Wechat: +86-13941746206

Skype: sanxing05


asked Mar 16 in Marketing Lists by kkspanmachine (120 points)

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