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What is initiating small/medium scale manufacture of paddy cleaner?

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Seed, as it comes from the field, contains various contaminants like weed seeds, other crop seeds, and such inert material as stems, leaves, broken seed, and dirt. Therefore, cleaning of paddy is required. Additionally, non-availability of appropriate paddy cleaning machine at reasonable price is one of the major constraints for initiating small/medium scale manufacture of paddy cleaner. Therefore, this working is undertaken to develop an efficient low cost paddy cleaner in view of improving the quality paddy cleaning using conventional methods.

To check the performance of the paddy cleaner, a total volume of 1.15kg of uncleaned paddy consisting of 1kg of paddy, 0.05kg of dust and 0.1kg of sand was fed into the hopper. After the cleaning process, the output obtained was 1.022kg of cleaned paddy with 0.994kg of paddy, 0.021kg of dust and 0.006kg of sand. Hence the performance of this machine is very efficient where most of the paddy produced is cleaned.

Pointing that hazardous levels of pollution may result in serious diseases or health problems, the Board has shot off a communique to the Punjab State Agriculture Marketing Board to take appropriate action to maintain atleast moderate ambient air quality in grain markets.

"The labour working in mandis, farmers visiting mandis for selling their produce, shopkeepers, commission agents and their workers engaged in the sale and purchase process of produce or agro inputs and employees of food procurement agencies as also citizens residing around the mandis are severely affected by such high hazardous resulting mainly in asthama, bronchitis, emphysema, cardio vascular diseases, accelerated aging of lungs, loss of lung capacity and decreased lung infections, shortened life span, and restricted cognitive development of children," read the PPCB letter.

The Engelberg huller uses steel rollers to remove the husk. Other types of huller include the disk or cono huller which uses an abrasive rotating disk to first remove the husk before passing the grain to conical rollers which polish it, this is done repeatedly since other sides of circular side of rice are nut husked. rubber roller husker may be used to reduce the amount of breakage of the grains, so increasing the yield of the best quality head rice, but the rubber rollers tend to require frequent replacement, which can be a significant drawback.

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